Introducing Mr. Dad - Blue
Introducing Mr. Dad - Blue
Introducing Mr. Dad - Blue
Introducing Mr. Dad - Blue

Introducing Mr. Dad - Blue

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You’re going to be a dad—congratulations!

Dating for a while, falling in love, getting engaged, marrying in front of what seems like the Whole World. Life is a series of filling certain roles and now you’ve heard the most exciting words EVER. “Honey, I’m pregnant." 

Wow! Fatherhood, one of the biggest steps in a man’s life. 

Imagine your parents and inlaws expressions when you walk in wearing that t-shirt. Going to your favorite bar or hang out should be fun too. 

Your wife will have the biggest smile when she's out with you. Get ready! She'll love taking your picture. 

You won't be able to stop falling in love. Toss on a well-worn pair of jeans and pair it with your so very soft cotton Dad tee. We have this same shirt in white and red. Check them out to see what is your favorite color.

Featuring a fit which is a loose-fitting comfort design to flatter men of all ages and sizes. 

Enjoy this new chapter in your life. It's going to be an amazing ride. 

Celebrated Baby TIP:

As we know People come in all shapes and sizes. There is no such thing as a uniform fit that is designed to work for everyone. Someone's small may be someones else's medium. You know your body better than anyone.
To ensure your highest satisfaction we highly recommend confirming your measurements with the size and how to measure charts provided.