Blanket Auditions
Blanket Auditions
Blanket Auditions

Blanket Auditions

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Favorite Blanket Auditions GOING ON NOW.

Have you ever noticed how babies choose their own favorite blanket?

The fun part is waiting to see what your baby will name their blanket, it may be Cosy, Beddy, Booboo, Binky, Silky or the most popular is Blankie. 

The question is why is a blanket so important? They find the one that makes them feel the most secure, the one that when they touch it they feel calmer.

Babies also associate their blanket with sleep and it helps Moms and Dads with the child's sleeping patterns.

A baby blanket is a serious business and many adults still have that tattered cherished blanket put away. It represents their childhood and gives the same warm feeling being taken care of brings to us.

The material is a super soft fleece and is hypoallergenic for babies with sensitive skin. The baby elephants add extra fun and the backside of the blanket is finished with the delicate plaid as well. 

Favorite blankets always get washed the most often, and this is an easy task with a cold water delicate wash cycle and a soft low tumble. 

A great gift as well for baby showers or just wanting to give something special to the new arrival.

Put this gem in the running for your baby's favorite blankie.