What does Sailorday mean?

Faye here from Sailorday, and I am betting you've been scratching your head to figure out what a Sailorday is. So here I am to lay it all out for you piece by piece. 

You may or may not have heard of Norfolk, Virginia...

It is the world's largest naval station, with the largest concentration of U. S. Navy forces with 75 ships alongside 14 different piers.

This is the home port where the ships and carriers come to after often time a six-month tour of duty.

My Dad would refer to the day when a major ship was coming home as "Sailorday." It would be all over the local news and newspaper of all the families greeting one another after months of being apart. It was "Sailorday," a day of joy and celebration.

All of us from Tidewater know that amazing feeling when the carriers come into port and the "Sailors Come Home." It feels better than warm cookies on Christmas morning! 

Every moment matters and all memories count towards a lifetime of experiences, for our veterans who come home after months away. It is the love from their families who give them and the entire crew strength. 

A Sailorday is every day when you feel the love to your core from those who care. 

Go Out and CELEBRATE with those you love today! 

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