Ideas For Her Birthday

Finding the perfect birthday gift for the “her” in your life is sometimes challenging. In the months leading up to her special occasion, pay attention to what she says. Most women in general often talk about things they want or like a lot. Put the information in your phone so when it’s time to find something for her, you’ve got several ideas. 

























Another creative idea is to give her a new large mason jar and put inside little folded notes of things you love about her or a memory you share. We suggest 30 - 50 notes or more. This way she will open one per day and each time she opens it she will remember your love and thoughtfulness.


Daughters, sisters, moms, grandmothers, and good friends all love this idea.











After all, what is your goal? Hopefully, to make her feel special and loved on her special day. To help her have the best year yet just remember what she likes. It may be something to do with her favorite things like yoga, watches, a special wine, a picture of your dog. 






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