A Simple Way To Teach Children How To Pray

children prayer teaching

Parenting can be a very challenging period in any Mom and Dad’s life, but it is also one of the most fulfilling and rewarding.

As parents, our primary goal is to raise our children to become responsible, educated, and happy people who will make a positive contribution to our world. We must also never neglect or forget the importance of the foundation of their spiritual life.

children, prayer, teachingSo, here’s a practical way we can engage our children in prayer.  By using five of the fingers on one of our hands, we can teach our children a fun and straightforward way to remember how to pray.

One of the ways we can do this is, is by teaching our children how to pray. It is essential that our children are aware that prayer should not be all about them and their needs, but they must remember others in prayer as well.

  1. The Thumb - always remembering those who are closest to us. An example, Mom's and Dad's, siblings, grandparents, other family members, and friends.
  1. The Second or Pointing Finger - still praying for those persons who tend to lead us in the right direction. For instance, our childcare providers, nursery, preschool teachers, principals, or the school nurse.
  1. The Middle Finger is the tallest - This finger represents leaders in every area of our life. For instance, the top representatives within our church, family, nation, and world leaders.
  1. The Fourth Finger - Often described as the weakest, represents those among us who are sick, injured, or hurting emotionally. As an adult, it was suggested to pray for those that bothered me that day. This teaches us to pray for others, even the ones who might irritate us on the playground, school, or during our grown-up day.

And Finally, their Pinkie

  1. The smallest finger which represents those among us who often go unnoticed, particularly those who’ve been deprived of sometimes the basic necessities of life. This gives children a perspective that there are those less fortunate that need our acknowledgment and prayers.

 It’s that simple. So, let’s all begin to engage our precious little ones in this life-changing activity today. As parents, you will truly enjoy their responses about whom they need to pray for. 

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