Fun Things for Kids

Backpack Relay

Fill 2 backpacks with an equal number of items, such as a compass, a flashlight, and a bar of soap. Also, add a map and a teddy bear to each pack. Line up 2 teams facing each other. On "Go," the first player from each team puts on their pack and runs to the other side. They unpack their pack, unfolds and refolds the map, kisses the bear, and repacks the pack. Then they run back to their team and places the pack on the next player. The first team to finish wins. 

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Rainbow Tag

Choose a home base. One player is "It". The other players are the Rainbow. They each think of a color to be - without saying their color out loud. The person who is "It" calls out a color. When a player's color is called, they run for the base, and "It" tries to catch them. If they reach the base without getting tagged, they choose another color and rejoin     the rainbow.                If they are caught, then they are out.

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Kitty Corner

An outdoor game when you need a little neighborhood fun. Little girls especially love this game.   Remember, if boys and girls are playing, the person in the middle can be called whatever character the kids want them to be.                                         

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